“The new lift is something that we have been working on for a while,” explained Momentum Motorsports’ Phil Picard. “Marty Knoll and I have gone through the tedious task of research and development, design, redesign, test and use phases and are now ready to push to market. With several lifts already sold, more are in production and will be available in the coming weeks.”

MK Momentum Lift Video: CLICK HERE

Priced at $2420.00 and with dozens of lifts already sold, the MK Momentum Lift is a fraction of the cost of other high-priced lifts that are currently on the market. A simple design that is easy to use and transport requires very little effort to get your car up in the air at a more comfortable working level. A quality battery powered drill, one person and one minute of your time could help bring your program to the next level both at the track and in the shop.

Marty Knoll added, “The lifts are affordably priced at $2420.00. This makes our lift have the availability to be used on almost any open wheel vehicle. Whether the customer wants to build their own or they want us to fabricate, our goal is to provide a universal and simple to use car lift at the best price possible.”

Photo Credit: Momentum Motorsports