Along with an elite level racing program, Momentum Motorsports works with you to help you in every aspect of your racing program. Whether it be marketing, media, driver coaching or most importantly, funding and sponsorship, Momentum has programs in place to assist you in your racing and promotional efforts.

We all know how difficult it is to bring a new company into motorsports and have been told no funds are available. Working with racing industry professionals, Momentum Motorsports WILL help you find the necessary FUNDING to go racing without using a company’s current marketing or promotional budget. Whether it is leveraging vendors, through high volume websites, media buys, product barter/trade or merchant services, Momentum Motorsports will assist from step one to contract closure.

Unlike other teams in the motorsports world, Momentum Motorsports doesn’t just take your money…WE help you find it and work with you to put it to use the best way possible.